Where tradition meets innovation

  • Guild Wars

    Engage in epic battles with your guild for dominance, glory, and valuable rewards!

    Arena Solo & Duo

    Showcase your ability in intense solo and duo arena combat challenges!

    RavenCards - Deep Skill Customization

    Further customize your skills with powerful RavenCards for unique and strategic playstyles.

    Skill Based Crafting & Gathering

    Master the art of crafting and gathering with skill-based systems for legendary items!

  • Explore a Massive Dynamically Changing World

    Uncover mysteries, join thrilling adventures, and experience breathtaking stories!

    Claim & Grow Your Own Estate

    Claim land anywhere in the world of RavenQuest, from dense jungles to mountain peaks or a secluded island.

    House Customization

    Personalize your home with pets, furniture, rooms, and more to make it truly your own homestead!

    Ships & Wagons

    Design 1000’s of unique ships and wagons with our highly customizable vehicle system.

  • Free to Earn

    RavenQuest is forever free to earn, with the ability to earn $QUEST through virtually any playstyle!

    Player Driven Economy

    The players that fill the world of RavenQuest are responsible for every single resource gathered, item crafted and sold in-game.

    Rewarding Community First

    We prioritize rewarding our true community first, instead of bad actors abusing the ecosystem for their own profit.

    Anti-Bot Systems

    Enjoy fair gameplay with our advanced anti-bot protections ensuring a level playing field.

  • Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

    Mint and trade core assets as NFTs, whether in-game or on secondary markets.


    Build and own your collection of rare Items, Cosmetics, RavenCards, and more!

    True Ownership

    Blockchain technology ensures ownership of all your assets, both in and out of RavenQuest.

    No Wallet Needed

    Play RavenQuest with or without a crypto wallet - completely for Free!


A Feature Rich Game


Endless Character Customization

  • With the eyes of a hawk and the swiftness of a falcon, Archery users outpace their opponents with speed and vision. Ranged combat is this Archetype’s specialty, empowering its users with an array of deadly arrows to be shot from afar. And if an enemy gets too close—an Archery user can draw upon disengage abilities to slow their opponent and create enough separation for a killing shot. The Rohna Brotherhood has been able to evade the Ravenguard for decades, largely due to the strength of this Archetype.

  • Channeling the restorative light of the Dawn, White Magic is the primary healing Archetype in the world of RavenQuest. While this Archetype focuses on keeping its user and their allies alive on the field of battle, the full power of the Dawn should not be underestimated… skilled users can call down its holy force to smite their enemies where they stand.

  • Strong-footed and brave, these users never lose their unbreakable spirit in the heat of battle. The preferred Archetype of the mighty Ravenguard, users of Protection are often found in the vanguard of armies, defending their allies and bashing in the skulls of their enemies. Their morale in battle is legendary, a powerful force which affects friend and foe alike.

  • Using the shadows as a cloak, users of this Archetype prefer to extinguish the lives of their victims without ever being seen. The Shadow Archetype makes use of toxins and deception to weaken targets before dealing a fatal blow. Shadow users are heralds of death—by the time you’ve seen one, you’re already dead.

  • Users of the Spiritual Archetype have a supernatural calm, able to focus intensely upon the invisible threads that tie the world together. With a honed mind, they can summon these forces to aid their allies—protecting them with barriers of wind, hastening their movements, and refreshing their dwindling stores of mana. An adept of Spiritual Magic is an invaluable member to any team.

  • With a ravenous appetite for bloodshed, Warfare is the favored Archetype of orcs and barbarians. Users of this Archetype specialize in brute force combat, able to draw upon the lifeblood they’ve spilled to heal themselves and strengthen their savage attacks. A Warfare user in the throes of bloodlust and hatred is a terrible sight to behold.

  • An Archetype said to have originated from ancient vampiric cults, Witchcraft users mix occult powers with the ability to gain strength from the weaknesses of others. There is no one better than a Witchcraft user at finding an enemy’s flaw and exploiting it to their advantage… which makes them incredibly dangerous foes.

  • Bending the elements to their will, Wizardry users harness the power of Ice and Fire to devastate their enemies. Whether igniting foes in flames or ensnaring them in ice, Wizardry users call upon powerful single-target and area spells to deal massive amounts of damage on the battlefield. With the potential to single-handedly shift the tide of battle, a user of this Archetype is truly an arcane force to be reckoned with.


Play Your Way

In RavenQuest, customization is key! By mixing and matching together abilities from three different Archetypes, you can shape your character as you see fit. Unlock powerful classes through endless combinations: charge through the battlefield while raining down ice storms as a towering Dreadknight; turn into the perfect assassin as a Shadowstriker or harness the raw magical power of an Arcanist. Don’t settle for just one playstyle, make your own!
Fishing Carpentry weaving cooking breeding Breeding woodcutting farming farming husbandry

Professions of RavenQuest

  • Fishing

    RavenQuest’s rivers, lakes and oceans have plenty of game to offer. You can take a leisure day fishing along the shoreline a stone's throw away from your island estate, or venture far out into the open sea, braving the tides as you reel in the mysterious and cunning creatures that lurk deep below the surface. Whatever the case, the life of a fisher is filled with lucrative opportunities and adventure!

  • Carpentry

    Become proficient in the ancient trade of woodworking. The work of the carpenter is tireless, as they not only provide the essential furniture to turn your house into a home, but deal in the making of a wide range of items, from common fishing rods to legendary shark-catchers, a carpentry artisan has the ability to turn simple planks into masterfully crafted bows and powerful arcane staffs.

  • Weaving

    Train a steady hand and a firm grip, for working cloth and leather into fabulous attires and apparels is no child’s play! You’ll be able to craft fine items ranging from commonwear clothing to magically imbued garments with incredible enchantments… and style. Be on the lookout for the latest fashion trends and weave your path to success!

  • Cooking

    Whether it is a comforting meal in the cozyness of your home or prepping a refreshing snack to have while outdoors adventuring, being a skilled cook has its perks. Develop a well-trained palate, for a great cook is beloved by everyone from the common peasant to the mightiest king, their meals can both grant incredible vitality and inspire others to greatness.

  • Breeding

    Take your Moas a step further by learning how to select the best traits from each of them and ensuring those are passed on to their offspring. Breed and raise the fastest Moa in all of RavenQuest or maybe seek out those rare feather hues that will make all the other breeders turn green with envy!

  • Mining

    Danger lurks around every corner in the life of a miner, but they stand to gain the most, for the silent stone hides treasure always ready to be taken by skilled hands. Climb RavenQuest’s mightiest peaks or delve deep into treacherous caves, prospect your way to veins of untold richness and unearth valuable ores and minerals or priceless gemstones of stunning beauty.

  • Farming

    The settling of RavenQuest would’ve never been possible without the efforts of skilled farmers. You can always gather what nature has lying around, but there are better rewards in working the soil and sowing the seeds of profit. Whether you want to reap valuable crops or seek to feed the hungry, the choice is yours. Tame the land! Make it your own and harvest its bounty!

  • Woodcutting

    There are few resources as readily available and in such high demand as wood, although it takes a strong hand and an iron will to plunder it. From the gentle willow to the mighty oak, no matter what green titan you’ve marked for felling, you can be certain that the work you do is the fuel for greatness. Ships and carts, homes and towns are waiting to be made, so grab your trusty axe and chop away!

  • Blacksmithing

    Craft items, equipment and apparel for everyday adventuring, or hammer out a path to become a blacksmith of renown. Master the anvil and forge a fabled arsenal fit for Kings! Whether you seek to temper the sharpest blade or work the scales of powerful dragons into armor, know that your work is the shaping of life and death.

  • Husbandry

    There’s a lot of effort and patience in domesticating animals and taming the wild things, but the rewards are plenty. Set up a farm of your own, take good care of your livestock, cultivate a gentle hand and reap the benefits of nature’s produce. Be the shepherd of your life and the multitude of others that depend on you!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • RavenQuest is an upcoming top-down pixel-based MMORPG experience built upon a proven Web2 success - Ravendawn. RavenQuest features full blockchain integration built upon a fork of Ravendawn, a fully self-published MMORPG with over 200,000 MAU, with a marketing commitment of under $10,000. RavenQuest features a truly immersive and dynamically changing world, filled with lore, puzzles, player decisions, and a strong player-driven economy using self-balancing algorithms.

  • RavenQuest features a fully disruptive blockchain-based MMORPG experience that has been developed over the last 7 years to create a truly immersive and dynamically changing world filled with lore, puzzles, player decisions, and a strong player-driven economy using self-balancing algorithms.

    The full release is planned for Autumn of 2024.

  • RavenQuest is a game rich with Player versus Player mechanics. Although the game features a Zone System making PvP avoidable for those who don’t wish to partake. PvP offers high incentives and greater earning opportunities through yield Tradepack routes & combat rewards.

  • While many blockchain-based games require a monetary investment to start playing, RavenQuest is and forever will be completely Free to Play. Everyone can create a character, play, have fun, and have opportunities to earn $QUEST!

  • RavenQuest's economy has been a central point of development since the inception of the project. Game economies make or break MMORPG projects, so it has been a core focus for our studio to create a world where the economy is entirely driven by the community — this extends to other core mechanics such as the Political System too. After all, there's no long-term project without a solid economic system.

    To create a self-sustainable economic environment, we knew we had to recreate an organic real-world supply and demand system. Our Tradepack system — a core economy cornerstone — has been fully developed with this self-balancing supply and demand algorithm to simulate a real-world market. There is no external interference — the community is responsible for every single resource gathered and item crafted in-game.

    Virtually any in-game system allows the user to earn $QUEST. There is no monotony in how the players earn.

  • In RavenQuest, players will not select a class when they create their characters, locking them into a rigid and uncreative path for the rest of the adventure. Instead of that, the game offers a customizable and endless build system: the Archetypes!

    All players can have 3 different Archetypes at one time, each with 18 exclusive and unique spells they can use to fight creatures or other players — the combination of those 3 will define their class. There are 8 Archetypes available in RavenQuest, allowing the player to choose between 56 different classes:

    • Archery
    • Holy
    • Protection
    • Shadow
    • Spiritual
    • Warfare
    • Witchcraft
    • Wizardry

  • The Attributes system completely throws the same old and tired design present in many MMORPGs out the window! Instead of forcing you down a predictable path, in RavenQuest every attribute was developed to have relevance to any class, any playstyle you choose.

    Primary Attributes

    • Vitality — Increases Maximum Health, Health Regeneration, Spell Defense & Weapon Defense
    • Might — Increases Weapon Power & Weapon Defense
    • Intelligence — Increases Spell Power & Healing Power
    • Dexterity — Increases Haste, Spell Defense & Weapon Defense
    • Wisdom — Increases Spell Defense, Mana Regeneration, Maximum Mana & Healing Power

    Secondary Attributes

    • Spell Power — Increases Spell Damage dealt
    • Weapon Power — Increases Weapon Damage dealt
    • Spell Defense — Decreases Spell Damage received
    • Weapon Defense — Decreases Weapon Damage received
    • Healing Power — Increases Healing done
    • Health — Increases maximum Health
    • Mana — Increases maximum Mana
    • Regeneration — Increases in-combat Health and Mana regeneration
    • Precision — Increases in-combat Critical chance
    • Impact — Increases in-combat Critical damage dealt
    • Haste — Increases your attack speed and reduces your casting time and global cooldown

  • Killing creatures is not the only way to progress your character in the world of RavenQuest. Virtually any activity in RavenQuest provides experience, so the player is free to explore a world full of magic and monsters, but also become a farmer, a crafter, or even a fisherman!

    Legacy Level

    Your character level always goes up and there is no max level in RavenQuest. However, there is a soft cap at level 75 and any experience after that will be heavily reduced so leveling will slow down dramatically.

    Archetype Level

    Each Archetype has its own level and experience bar. Anytime you gain experience, it will be split across all 3 of your current Archetypes. Your Archetype level is important for allowing you to unlock skills in that Archetype, but it will depend on the Effective Level.

    Effective Level

    The Effective Level is the average level of your current 3 Archetypes and is responsible for the number of skills and what caps out your equipment. Every 3 Effective Levels you receive 1 skill point to spend on the Archetype Spells’ tree.

  • RavenQuest offers many in-game activities for players to choose how they want to progress their characters, leaving behind the old progression system present in many MMORPGs. The Professions system follows the same principle, also providing experience points to the character while they progress the profession.

    There are 10 Professions available and players can choose to progress as many professions as they want:

    • Blacksmithing
    • Carpentry
    • Weaving
    • Cooking
    • Breeding
    • Mining
    • Woodcutting
    • Farming
    • Husbandry
    • Fishing

  • You can use any equipment you want regardless of your Archetype choices! Equipment does not limit Archetypes and vice versa — only a few spells require specific weapons.

    All equipment in the world of RavenQuest has both a Grade and a Tier system which reflects their strength. In addition, they also have both Primary and Secondary Attributes attached to them.

    • The attributes a piece of equipment gets are random when the item is crafted or obtained.
    • The quantity of each Primary and Secondary Attribute depends on the Tier.
    • Quality Crystals are crystals that, when added to a piece of equipment through Crafting, provide extra Attributes and/or Sub Stats. Quality Crystals can roll any of the 5 Attributes and any of the Sub-Stats.


    There are 6 total Tiers of each armor and weapon type in the game. Based on the Tier, the equipment will have a set amount of possible Attributes and Sub Stats it can have. These Attributes and Sub Stats are randomized when a piece of Equipment is crafted.


    In addition to a piece of equipment's Tier, every piece of Equipment has 1 of 9 grades. An item will start at Basic grade and can be upgraded to higher grades through Infusing (consumes Infusion Stones). By increasing the Grade on a piece of Equipment, the total AP/DP, Attributes, and Sub Stats will increase.


    Infusions are a material that can be obtained from all creatures in the world of RavenQuest and can be used to upgrade the Grade of the equipment by providing a set amount of experience into the Equipment.

  • The Tradepack System is the primary economy system of RavenQuest. It is how the majority of the Silver is generated in the world. Tradepacks are simply a package of products put together by a player and by transporting them to a Tradepost, the player will obtain Silver. A Tradepack can be created with dozens of different combinations of materials that can be obtained & gathered by exploring the world — or through Estates. Almost any gathered material in the game, like eggs, milk, wheat, ore, or lumber, can be used to create different Tradepacks. Around the map there are places called Tradeposts. These Tradeposts are where packs can be created — once you have the materials and also turned in for Silver. These Tradeposts simulate a real-world market with supply and demand creating a self-balancing economy system for virtually all the resources in the world of RavenQuest.

  • RavenCards are full-art collectible NFT cards players can obtain by playing RavenQuest or by purchasing packs with $QUEST. These packs give 5 random cards with random rarities and they are one of the ways the players can further customize their playstyle, diversifying their character builds from other players. Higher rarity cards provide additional strength for the character, so they will be highly sought after. Currently, there are 192 RavenCards, with 2 RavenCards made specifically for each Skill. The variation of RavenCards' effects is countless, and while the game has a very deep character customization system with Archetypes, Weapon choices & Reputation paths, this is yet another way you can diversify your character from another, being strongly relevant for those players who intend to focus on a Player vs Player gameplay.

    How do RavenCards work?

    Every skill in RavenQuest has 2 unique RavenCards related to it that players can obtain by opening the RavenPacks. When the player owns and selects one of them to equip, the RavenCard will change and improve the functionality of that Skill, giving more possibilities for build diversification.


    The wide variety of additional effects assigned to the character is not all. When opening card packs, players can find 7 different types of rarities currently represented by a gem at the top of the card. Cards can be Common, Uncommon, Grand, Rare, Arcane, Mythic, and Legendary, but the rarity is not responsible for changing the effect itself. Rather, it changes its intensity, which means Legendary cards have higher effect percentages in comparison to all other rarities, for example.

  • There are several ways to get around in the world of RavenQuest. However, if you need to carry Tradepacks, there are two means of transportation that can help you get to the Tradeposts faster as well as carrying additional Tradepacks, allowing you to make more trips and Gold in a certain period of time.


    Wagons, like ships, provide a wide variety of options, some faster with less carrying potential, some slow but with the ability to carry half a dozen Tradepacks at once.


    You can choose between making the biggest, baddest, and largest ship the RavenQuest Oceans have ever seen, rivaled by few in head-on-head combat, or making a ship that has the ability to fish and carry trade goods, two important ways ships help you generate income! Ship components are fully interchangeable, allowing you to build the ship of your dreams from the hull, cabin, sails, and accessories.

  • Estates are pieces of land that allow players to build their own houses and engage in activities such as Farming, Husbandry, Woodcutting, and many others, allowing them to collect resources that can be used to craft Tradepacks!

  • The number of lands is limited and will be obtained initially through land sales and later solely through the secondary market via another player. There are 5 sizes of land available for purchase — Small, Medium, Large, Stronghold, and Fort. The size of the land determines the size of the house that can be built and how many animals, trees, and vegetables can be placed on it. Larger lands have more available space to place elements, which means the amount of resources obtained daily will also be higher.

    Additionally, the size of the land also influences the amount of $QUEST the owner receives in the RavenQuest Ecosystem.

  • Estates provide the ability for players to produce goods at a faster rate, allowing for the creation of Tradepacks or the sale of those goods. Estates can also be rented out with our in-game renting system (Coming in 1.1.0 Update).

    Landowners also receive a share of 50% of all $QUEST produced in RavenQuest, making Land/Estates highly desirable.

  • Play & Earn games rely on blockchain technology. It means that players can earn tokens while enjoying a massive full-scale MMORPG. This disruptive technology skyrocketed in 2022, and we believe this is just the beginning.

  • Yes! RavenQuest has been developed with accessibility as a core principle. It is integral to us that we allow anyone to play RavenQuest even on the most basic devices.

  • Because of the round discounts, we will be minting all Land as soon as the Final Land Sale is completed. This is in order to avoid bad actors taking land to flip it at a higher price when future rounds release. It’s critical we make sure those who are whitelisted as Settlers receive the best value possible with the discounted rounds.

  • You will be able to choose where your land will be in the world of RavenQuest based on the round you purchased in. Round 1 will select their land location first, round 2 second, and on once all land rounds close. Will you place your land on a tropical island alongside the ocean? The peaks of a mountain top with your friends? Or possibly in the depths of an elven forest. That’s for you to decide.

  • The land allotment will be extremely restrictive, with only 10,000 total lands ever offered in RavenQuest. It is paramount to us that we keep the value of our land exclusive and desired. Because of this, we will be limiting supply based on applications, only whitelisting a small minority of applications to provide total land supply. This is important in our long term of reimaging NFT Value & Utility through building out our ecosystem around the land initially for RavenQuest.