Land Sale Form

The Land Sale Application form will be available on April 16th. This form will allow you to share why you are fit to be a Settler of RavenQuest and own a piece of the world forever.

Whitelist form is now live!
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Other ways to obtain additional Whitelisting

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    Discord Interaction

    Start meeting other players and making new friends now! The RavenQuest Team will reward the most active members of the community with exclusive Land Whitelists!

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    Referral System

    Obtain a Settler Whitelist by growing our community by inviting 50 authentic users to be a part of our Discord Community! All the information about the program is available on the #Ambassadors channel in the Discord.

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    Fan Arts

    Time to put your creativity into action! Show your love by creating a fan-art based on the RavenQuest Universe, post on Twitter & send your art with the Tweet link on the channel #fan-arts on Discord! The Team will reward some of the artists with exclusive Whitelists (including the most shared and liked ones)!

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    Video Creation

    Create a video about RavenQuest and send it with the link on the channel #media-coverage on Discord! The Team will reward some creators with Whitelists!

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